Properly care for and clean your ECCO shoes with our exclusive ECCO Midsole Cleaning Kit. This clever cleaning system makes it easy to look after your rubber midsole — the shock absorbing layer of material between the inner and outer soles of a shoe. Simply scrub the ECCO Midsole Cleaner with either the soft-bristle or tough-bristle brush before wiping away excess foam with the gentle cleaning cloth wipes. Keep your footwear performing at its best for even longer.

  • Advanced cleaning formula ECCO Midsole Cleaner (150 ml)
  • Includes two handcrafted beech wooden handle brushes; a soft bristle brush for light stains, and abrasive brush for tougher dirt
  • Gentle 100% cotton cleaning cloth wipes away excess foam
  • Presented in a compact cardboard sleeve packaging box