Digital Architecture

David Umemoto
September – November 2021

A collaboration between renowned Montreal-based artist, David Umemoto, and ECCO Leather Goods, showcasing an abstract architectural universe. Craftmanship and complexity are represented in the multitude of laser cut acrylic pieces assembled like a mesmerizing three-dimensional puzzle. When formed together, the intricate art pieces reveal the modularity and architectural detail representative of the new ECCO Leather Goods collection.

Visit ECCO Sainte-Catherine to see the exhibit.

1327 Saint-Catherine Street West,
Montreal, Quebec

New Utopian

David Umemoto

David Umemoto’s work embraces the simplicity of the material and the economy of the means. Pragmatic and poetic, his current practice bridges the spirit of Architecture, Sculpture and Design.

During a stay in Indonesia in 2010, he collaborated with traditional artisans and learned to appreciate the value of manual craftsmanship. Upon his return to Quebec, he experimented with various applied arts (jewelry, tessellation art and print making) and returned to his roots in architecture, focusing on the creation of concrete sculptures, miniature architectural pieces that evoke Brutalist structures.

David Umemoto holds a bachelor's degree in architecture from Laval University (Quebec). He is represented by Galerie Art Mûr in Montreal and Modern Shapes Gallery in Antwerp.

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