How to clean your shoes

There is nothing like a fresh and nice-looking pair of shoes on your feet when you are out and about doing what you do best.

Most of us love that feeling, but an active lifestyle can take a toll on your favourite pair of shoes. Therefore it's a good idea to know how you can properly clean them to keep you and your feet looking sharp for every situation.

Need a couple of simple tricks and tips on how to do that? Fear not as we give you great ways to effectively clean your ECCO shoes. Take a look below and see how to keep your shoes fresh and clean.

How to clean your leather shoes

Are your chelsea boots, business shoes or high heels looking a little tired and dirty? 

If you are dressing for a meeting with clients, a dinner with friends or a party, cleaning your leather shoes and restoring their original freshness will go a long way to helping you look sharp.

Here is how to do it:

1 Start by removing the laces. Then insert shoe trees, or stuff the shoes with newspaper, to ensure they keep their shape.

2 Lightly brush away any dirt and wipe your leather shoes with a damp cloth. Apply ECCO Foam Cleaner and leave to dry for 15 minutes.

3 Gently massage ECCO Smooth Leather Care Cream on to the shoes' uppers and brush the shoe to help the leather absorb the cream. Do this daily to keep the leather smooth and supple.

4 Apply ECCO Revive with a cloth for a high shine. Let your shoes dry and wipe away any excess cream.

5 Finally, use a water-repellent spray like the ECCO Repel spray to protect your shoes from wet weather. Spray ECCO Repel from 10 inches/25 cm away onto your shoes' leather uppers. Leave your shoes to dry for 15 minutes.

How to take care of your suede shoes

Suede has that special quality that we all know and love. But a common concern is knowing the best way to clean suede shoes.

Follow these simple steps to clean your suede shoes at home:

1 Use the ECCO Eraser to lightly brush away any dirt and loosen up spots on your suede shoes.

2 Apply the ECCO Foam Cleaner to a clean cloth and rub the suede with a light circular motion. Then let dry. This is perfect, if your suede shoes require more cleaning, as it works like shampoo for suede shoes. 

3 Once dry, use the ECCO Nubuck & Suede conditioner to restore the colour and softness of the suede. If your suede shoes have white soles, we recommend that you use the transparent version to avoid colour transfer.

4 Lastly, use a water-repellent spray to protect your suede shoes from wet weather and stains. Spray ECCO Repel from 10 inches/25 cm away onto your shoes' uppers and leave to dry for 15 minutes.