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Golf shoes for men

Take to the course in style and comfort. ECCO golf shoes for men are ready to step up to the task to help you both play, feel, and look your best all the way from the 1st and right up to the 18th hole. No matter which playstyle you prefer or how you want to present yourself on the course, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to conquer the golf course with ECCO golf shoes for men.

How the right pair of men’s golf shoes can change your game

Have you ever experienced the feeling of wearing a pair of golf shoes that don’t offer full freedom of movement, a stable foundation, and - most importantly - long-lasting comfort? Getting through an entire round of golf can easily become quite difficult and rather uncomfortable if your gear isn’t in order. It is key that your golf shoes closely follow every motion in your body, right from the backswing to the follow-through, and provide optimal stability, flexibility, and support to help you fully control each swing.

Discover the ECCO golf shoe family for men

Golf is one of our great passions at ECCO. That’s why we continuously develop new styles and try to improve the wear and design. We believe that with the right foundation, starting from your feet up, you can take your game to the next level, no matter what your current skill level is or how you prefer to play.

Are you looking to stand out on the course? Do you prefer to keep it classic and packed with performance? Or are you looking for a great all-around pair to wear both on the course and inside the clubhouse or in your car? You can discover various types of golf shoe collections for men to suit different types of golf players and playstyles. But they all share the common ECCO design DNA: Advanced, athletic performance combines forces with stylish, sporty designs to take our men’s golf shoes into the new age in every sense of the word. 

BIOM has become a true staple in our golf shoe family, spanning over a decade, which has sported several new generations, refinements, and variations to help bring the game of golf into a new age. A favorite for many pros and casual golfers alike. Another solid choice is our S-THREE hybrid golf shoes for men, which mix on-course performance with off-course style.

Cleated or hybrid golf shoes for men?

Naturally, the playing conditions may vary. Some days the course may be rather dry, and the weather sunny. On other days, the grass may be completely wet, and the course rather soaked in water. To match the changing conditions, both spiked and spikeless golf shoes exist. Each type has its own advantages and limitations. But sometimes, it is simply down to your personal preference.

Our selection of golf shoes for men consists of both cleated and hybrid golf shoes - our special take on men’s spikeless golf shoes - giving you plenty of opportunity to find a pair that suits you and your play style. But if you’re a bit undecided, we’ll give you a quick rundown of the differences between the two types and what they each can add to your game.

Driven by comfort and performance, powered by innovation

As dedicated as we are to perfecting the art of shoemaking, no matter what aspect of life you need a great pair for, as driven are we to break new boundaries when it comes to performance and comfort. Our golf shoes for men are no different because why would you settle for anything less than simply the best men’s golf shoes available - especially if you’re looking to crown yourself the new king of your local golf course?

Shoemaking at ECCO builds on a strong foundation dating back several decades. Based on refined handwork, an ongoing quest to challenge the possibilities via innovative shoemaking technologies, rich attention to detail, and an incurable love for providing high-quality footwear. All our latest golf shoe designs take full advantage of the heritage to give you a pair that you can fully rely upon when you’re out on the course, round after round.